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About Us

Adagio Spa

Adagio Spa is a local Massage Therapy and skin care mini spa located in North Central Austin owned and  operated by Licensed Therapist, Britton Markstrom.  Britton began business in 2013 and have been using his 12+ years experience to provide quality, healing spa services ever since.


Britton attended school in California at Bryan College, where he graduated with an AOS Degree in Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Fitness in June of 2007.  He has volunteered as a Massage Therapist at the National Track and Field Championships among numerous sporting events to help athletes attain their optimal health and performance.  He has worked at local Massage Clinics and Spas and in 2013, cofounded Amity Green Room, now known as Adagio Spa.


Combining his sports and injuries background, education and Massage Therapy experience, Britton has developed a unique style of massage, incorporating both Western and Eastern techniques.  These range from Swedish and Lymphatic Drainage to Acupressure and Shiatsu.  The mishmash of styles enables Britton to customize each session for the maximum benefit of the client's health.

Medical Massage Certified

Founder & Owner
Britton A Markstrom, LMT
License: MT107848
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